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Rwamwanja rural foundation is a youth refugee led non profit organization founded
as a community based organization in 2015 and registered in 2020 as a non profit
organization.Reg NO-80020002800879

Our Mission

To make highly nutritious "ready- to- use food products more accessible and affordable to those who need them most, while also increasing awareness of their benefits and there fore generating demand

Our Vision

To promote historical of civilization to man kind to have capacity of combating , defeat malnutrition from local to the global scale

Our Core Values

we exist poorly to pursue our vision and mission not to grow for the
sake of perpetuating our existence


In nutrition we believe that combining humanitarianism and business
represent a vision for development that is in tune with the current world’s economic
environment , time when aid budget are being cut ethical business Modal that
generate their own contribution or funding will generate longer term and reduce
dependence on public donation and finance are vital

What we do

We equip refugees with skills and knowledge aiming at enhancing personal and economic empowerment.

involves tailoring classes available to both men and women interested in fashion and
designs, Hair dressing, practical mechanics,Knitting Weaving ,Arts and Crafts and The is
permaculture course is taught to refugee youths, women and host community enabling the
have food on table and increase employability

With Permaculture provides quality landscape installation and maintenance for
residential, commercial and for small farm holder in the refugees camp and beyond . Our goal is to
create natural, environmentally-friendly ecosystem that are easy to care for. With our experience,
Permaculture offers a wide range of services within the l permacultue design , including
daigning,composting, liquide or green manure , pest management

Who We Are

We are a grassroot organization started and run by refugees! We are empowering the refugee youth to fulfill their potential and enable them to transform their lives,through :permactulture, education , murshroom production ,Liquid soap.Bar soap and Hair shampoo pruduction.

We are a friendly Organiation that will recreate or bring your landscaping back to life.

Horticulture Landscaping is dedicated to providing one on one customer service which

includes a free consultation to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for